About Oso Spanish

Our classes are led by Rose, who gained her experience teaching English abroad. As a modern languages undergraduate at Strathclyde University, she spent two years living abroad as part of her degree; one year on the Erasmus programme studying Spanish in Italy – at Padua University – and the following year as a language teacher in a primary school in Gijón in northern Spain.

Following her graduation in Spanish and Italian in 2015, Rose returned to Asturias once again, living in Gijón for a further year, where she worked teaching English in a local secondary school and at a language academy for young children.

Using the innovative methods employed by English academies in Spain, which ensure children are able to become competent speakers of English at a much younger age than their counterparts in Scotland, has enabled Rose to develop a unique full immersion course for children in Glasgow.

Oso Spanish offers a range of classes with an interactive approach to language learning. All materials used at Oso are directly sourced from Spain, including traditional Spanish games and typical children’s literature and popular culture. Materials and links to resources are updated weekly on our Facebook page, allowing children to continue learning at home with the help of parents.

With this holistic approach to introducing another language at an early stage at the heart of everything we do at Oso Spanish, the children we introduce to the language are benefiting from a unique learning experience not widely available in Scotland.

With Glasgow City Council’s commitment to the 1+2 approach in all primary schools, children in the city will now be exposed to a minimum of one new language in their early years. Through Oso Spanish you can introduce your child to the concept of learning another language in a format they can enjoy and quickly make progress in, meaning that they are familiar with hearing unusual words and sounds and confident about tackling a new language.

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