Spanish Summer Camp in Glasgow's West End

A Spanish Camp for 5 - 10 year olds at Hapenny Bridge House in the heart of the Botanics. Camp runs from 9:30am till 1:30pm weekdays over summer. Only £150 per week, sibling discount available.

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Benefits of learning a language at a young age

Builds Confidence

Learning a language is a social exercise. It is just as much about interacting as it is learning new words. Oso Spanish is an opportunity for your child to socialise with other children while learning a cool new skill!

Improves Memory

The brain is a muscle! By learning vocabulary and grammatical rules we are exercising that muscle. This strengthens overall memory and ability to retain and recall new information.


Boosts creativity

Studies show that children who speak a second language are more creative, more critical thinkers, and have better problem solving skills.

First language is improved

When a child learns a second language from scratch, it encourages them to apply more thought to their own language and how it works. It also teaches children to investigate the roots of words and their meanings.

Our methods are different... they're Spanish!

Our main focus is oral interaction

Learning a language is a very social process. The whole objective of which is that, by the end of it, we can communicate our thoughts and ideas to someone in another language. For that reason, our main aim is to enable the children to talk to one another in Spanish. As our camp is aimed at children as young as five, we don't complicate things with reading, writing, textbooks and grammar at this stage. We let them enjoy a holistic experience where they can get used to new sounds and words through games, music and art.

Dedicated to full immersion

Although a full immersion course can seem daunting, children astonish us with their ability to adapt quickly to a new environment. By being completely surrounded by all things Spanish in our camp, children quickly realise that in this environment, they speak Spanish. All our activities and games are carried out in Spanish to make it a well rounded and valuable experience.

We feel a creative environment is best

Children are most receptive to new information in an environment where they are relaxed and comfortable. Oso Spanish Summer Camp has a well thought out and detailed activity plan where there's something for everyone. We value our ositos and want to get to know them so they can get the most out of their Oso experience!

Spanish Summer Camp for 5 - 10 year olds in the heart of Botanics!

Oso Spanish offers a Summer Camp for children (ages 5 - 10) from 9:30am till 1:30pm weekdays over summer. Each camp lasts 1 week, and weeks run from 3 July till 28 July

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